Move 30-yr reunion to Homecoming Weekend?

Since we had to cancel the summer reunion date, we are considering trying to put together a reunion for Homecoming weekend. We are polling via the class website (this poll) and Facebook. Please feel free to respond to either or both. Thanks!

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1)   Are you interested in holding our 30-year reunion Homecoming weekend, September 23rd/24th?

Yes No
2)   Which day do you prefer to have the reunion?

  Friday, September 23, 2016
  Saturnday, September 24, 2016
3)   Are you interested in inviting people from other years to our 30-year reunion?

Yes No
4)   If you are interested in inviting other classes, which years?

  I don't care which classes are invited.
  I will suggest a different class in the comments below.
5)   We need help planning. Please let us know if you can volunteer your time and in what capacity. Someone needs to take the lead, but we'll also need a treasurer, venue coordinator, food and beverage coordinator, entertainment coordinator, set-up and clean-up, "marketing" coordinator, decoration coordinator, and someone to coordinate things with other classes.

6)   If you have an "in" for any of our reunion needs (venue, food, drinks, entertainment, etc.), please let us know!

7)   Use this space to provide additional information, please.