Missing Classmates

Desperately Seeking Classmates

Following is a list of "missing" classmates. Our current definition of missing is all classmates who have not joined this site. Ideally, we'd not only like to get as many of our classmates signed up on this site, but also get addresses and e-mail addresses for everyone. That will make future reunion planning a lot easier.

So, if you know someone who is on our list of missing persons, please encourage them to sign up on our site and to join us on Facebook, if they are interested.

Karla Andrew (Hay)
Jody Bartley
Jeff Barton
Laura Bechtol
Richard Bechtol
Mark Bernicke
Mark Bockelman
Kevin Bortz
Laura Browning
Andrea Caffee
Fred Campos
Chris Carver
Jeff Cheney
Michelle Cochran (DuVernois)
Mark Cramer
Rosa Cruz
Scott Dammeier
Marc Degler
Neal Delventhal
Gary Eitzman
Dawn Fedderke
Ron Gifford
Alan Glanz
Gary Haase
Todd Haseman
Mary Ann Hatcher
Christine Henrich
Yoko Ino
Terry Junge
Brian Kirkendall
Larry Knepper
Deborah Knuth
Tina Kolbe
Mike Lanzer
Dale Leidigh
Russell Long, Jr.
Cherie Massey (Flory)
Kelly McCabe
Daniel McMaster
Paul Miller
Marc Mohr
Amy Myles
Joe Pedraza
Darren Porter
Debra Rettig (Weber)
Valorie Riessen
Kerri Rosonowski
Brian Ruby
Sumiko Saito
Darren Schuster
Doug Showman
Scott Sickmiller
Araceli Sifuentes (Lewis)
Bobby Sifuentes
Ann Snyder
Doug Snyder
Daryl Spencer
Mike Stevens
Tim Travis
Gerald Tullock
Dennis Vajen
Doll Williams
Tim Witte
Brad Zachrich